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    My Galaxy s6's screen is broken. The display is 99% black. But somehow miraculously the touch screen still works. I know you can use Samsung Sidesync to mirror your screen on your pc. Given that the screen is black that makes installing the Sidesync app difficult. I did go into the Play Store on my laptop and I got the Sidesync app installed on my phone. But I can't get it setup.

    Can anybody with a Samsung Galaxy s8 or earlier share step by step screenshots of the setup process? Including when it asks for permissions. If I know approximately where the buttons are on the screen I can get it set up. I know the keyboard on my phone well enough that I can get my email and password put in correctly (I tested).

    Or if anybody has any ideas that aren't so convoluted and backwards, that would be fantastic. This is more about mirroring the screen of my s6 on my pc and not so much about getting the data off of the phone.
    04-11-2018 12:22 AM

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