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    My Galaxy J5 2016 just did a system update and I'm not a fan of it overall but I do understand it is not reversible and I just have to adapt. My main issue with it though, is that previously apps that were open and running before the phone was shut off or died were still open when the phone was restarted- e.g if I had Chrome, Memos and Twitter running, plus a few google search tabs, though the search tabs would just be the search results and not the links I may have clicked on, when looking at running apps from start up, I would see the search tabs and Chrome, Memos, Twitter, etc and could resume pretty much from where I left off. Now though, apps shut down completely on phone shut down and even when the phone isn't turned off- I'll leave it for 15 minutes and all the apps will have shut.
    04-18-2018 03:21 PM

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