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    The Moto Z 2nd Gen uses a USB-C for headset phone calls. The USB-C to 3.5mm converters work. But, the Microsoft volume is diminished 5dB (over half).
    While the "built-in" microphone works, the 3.5mm jack headset for phone calls or for using Moto commands requires the user to shout into the headset microphone.
    Searching for Android APPS, there are none that allow an improvement for the basic microphone interface!
    Ideally, a Headset Microphone App would have a frequency band that could be trained to an individual's voice frequency band. This would be a huge step to assist voice recognition in a noisy environment.
    I would gladly pay $10.00 for an app because:
    1: I could use 3.5mm headsets that cost $20 less than USB-C headsets
    2: The USB-C headsets or Bluetooth headphones with microphone for Moto Z 2nd gen are still very low volume for the microphone!
    04-23-2018 07:29 AM

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