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    I would love to be using the Advanced Messaging System on my HTC U11 Life on Android 8, but for no apparent reason at all, I get push notifications that make noise and vibrate whenever my message is read or delivered. There is no option to disable it, AFAIK, as it falls under the MMS/SMS notification category, and if I were to disable that, it would make my texts silent too. Is there a way to suppress the notifications? Or can it come in an update?
    04-24-2018 06:03 PM
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    you can manage notifications on HTC. This is how:
    choose which types of app notifications to mute, block, or override your Do Not disturb settings.
    From the Home screen, swipe up and then tap Settings > Sound & notification.
    Tap Advanced.
    Under Notifications, tap Notification, and then tap the app whose notifications you want to customize.
    You can also press and hold a notification in the Notifications panel or the lock screen to see the notification settings you can customize.
    Tap the On/Off switch next to option you want to toggle.
    Settings for app notifications are applied to notifications in the Notifications panel and the lock screen.
    04-26-2018 03:44 AM

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