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    I choose to have all my contacts on Gmail. I usually look at my phone in English, but sometimes change it to display in Czech.

    When I do, I notice that many of my contacts "disappear" when it's in Czech. In both cases ive 100% got phone displaying contacts from Gmail. Ive even tried to display all contacts when in Czech, but still there are missing people.

    As an example, Chris L is in my contacts in English, but when swapping to czech he is not there. But...... I've got an sms from him, and in message he comes up as normal as Chris L, and I can edit his contact ect, but when I then try to find him in my contacts, he is nowhere.

    This is consistent with all the missing contacts, and id guess 10% would go missing in language swap.

    A message does come up in contacts after a swap,saying something to effect of "updating contacts to reflect language."

    It's driving me bonkers,and I've done loads of the tips on this page already with no success.

    I'm using a galaxy s5, in Australia, and my software up date thing shows there are no more updates available, meaning I guess I'm up to date.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    04-28-2018 09:02 PM

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