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    hello people! i have question. im planning to buy a helio p60 phone and i wonder if it can play very graphical games like black desert mobile on max settings without lag or frame drops.
    also i want to compare it with snapdragon 636 - which one has better GPU for gaming and why?
    and is there advantage of higher clock speed of CPU for gaming? i heard that everything about gaming is only handled by GPU, maybe the CPU speed affects the loading speed?
    and finally do you have idea why some heavy games have limited settings for helio p60? some can't play in full HD or higher resolution like black desert mobile. is it because the helio p60 can't handle it, or its not supported? thank you!
    05-07-2018 06:05 AM
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    Would you like me to move this to our Gamers Lounge forum so that you can discuss all these things with others there?
    05-07-2018 06:37 AM
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    The P60 isn't even in the same league as phones with the Snapdragon 845, let alone the 865 which will probably be in the next generation of phones (with 5G capability). Or the Exynos 9810. It's about on a line with the Snapdragon 600 series, a midrange SoC.

    As for the CPU/GPU, the GPU is the graphics portion of the chip, the CPU does all the calculations. (Granted, some of the video "calculations" are handed off to the graphics part so, for example, if a red line has to be drawn between points A and B, the CPU soesn't figure out which pixels get turned red, it just tells the GPU "draw a red line between A and B" and the GPU does those calculations, but the CPU does a lot more than just load the game from storage to RAM. The GPU does a lot, but put a 1MHz CPU on that GPU and you're still limited to graphics games (like the original Star Trek) - fantastically-drawn letters, but just text.

    You need both a great CPU and a great GPU for great gaming, and with an ARM SoC, you're still not going to get what you'd expect of a fast i7 (let alone a few fast Xeons) and a great graphics card. But a mid-level SoC isn't going to give you what a flagship SoC will, so the S9 will probably outperform the p60, and the S10 (or Note 9) will leave it in the dust.

    That said, it gets to the point that the computer outperforms the player, so if one SoC can do 60 fps and another one can do 70 fps, you'll never see a difference (because your eyes can only do 15 fps). So dropping an occasional frame at 50 fps isn't noticeable to human eyes - you can't see that fast. Dropping every other frame will give you jerky motion, though. (And a flame with a slow GPU doesn't look like a flame, it doesn't even look like paper fluttering in the heat of a bulb. Jewels don't "sparkle", water doesn't glint. Things like that take a lot of computational power, and GPUs are designed to do just those types of calculations. But it's one thing to tell a GPU "have sunlight glinting off the water at this point" and telling it where and how to put the glint frame by frame, which takes a powerful CPU - but if you devote an entire core to that, the CPU isn't running at nearly full speed - the more cores you have, the easier it is to make those little effects look real.

    So there's a lot more to it than raw CPU and GPU speed.

    Limiting the settings does 2 things - it keeps the chipset from looking bad - and it keeps it from overheating. Even in a device with glass front and back, if it gets hot enough, even sitting on a table, it can cause problems. Heat cracks glass, melts plastic and burns flesh. (And destroys chips.)
    05-09-2018 01:14 PM

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