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    I restarted my phone yesterday (HTC ONE M8) and immediately got the "Anroid is starting...Optimizing app ** of *** " message. I've seen this once before after an update but I've only ever had 2 maybe 3 in the 4 years I've had the phone,afterit's completed optimizing all the apps it then goes to the welcome screen but does not get any further than that, the phone was and still is unplugged and was not on charge whilst i restarted it. It constantly gets stuck on the HTC ONE welcome screen and will not proceed any further than that.

    Anyone have a fix for this or some tips to maybe sort this problem out?

    05-08-2018 07:26 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Oh, there's probably some fix, but the equipment to even find one would cost more than the phone.

    Assuming that you have everything backed up (you should always), reflashing the ROM would probably fix it. You'll need the .ruu file (look for it at https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=8FgwzVt7). Then just look for flashing htc m8 in youtube and you'll get about a dozen boring videos on how to do it. (It's pretty simple.)

    Or you could bring the phone to your carrier and ask if they can flash it for you.

    (If you don't already have everything backed up, now you know why you should.)
    05-08-2018 04:47 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I've been seeing a number of threads mentioning that this could be due to the Zedge app. Uninstall it, if you have it on your phone.
    05-21-2018 11:10 AM

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