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    When I try to charge my phone its able to reach until 8% and then when I try to use it I can see the battery percentage indicator suddenly goes back to 1% and then shut down . So I tried to charge it while its off its able to reach 3% and then it restarts by itself and then it will go back to 0% and again and again

    Is this a battery problem or a software problem?
    05-14-2018 08:38 PM
  2. Mooncatt's Avatar
    Have you tried replacing the USB cable? That kind of symptom usually means a bad connection somewhere preventing the charge current from getting to the battery, and USB cables are usually the culprit. If replacing that doesn't work, the charger itself could be going bad. It could also be the phone itself having a hardware issue, like the USB port getting loose. Try wiggling the plugs in their respective ports to see if it affects the phone any.

    It may be possible that the battery itself is just bad, but you didn't give enough info and it's hard to say when working with such low percentages anyway (it's best not to let it get below 20%). If you can get it charged enough to have a full battery, use it normally and take a screen shot of your battery usage stats to post here. That will give us more to go on, as well as knowing the make, model, and age of the phone.
    05-14-2018 09:03 PM

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