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    So I wanted to start a little discussion here to see how other people deal with the way that phones work anymore. My first cell phone was a Treo 650 stylus phone that I purchased in 2004. I'm a power user when it comes to all of my technology, so I was aware that technology becomes outdated shortly after you purchase it, as was the case with all of my computers. However, I was able to make that Treo last for NINE years, until 2013. I never felt I needed something more powerful. I was able to keep up with everyone at my work. Their phones had some interesting apps, but nothing that ever held me back.

    In 2013, I purchased an HTC One. This phone managed to last only THREE years. I hate carrying a camera around, so I wanted to use the camera on my phone. Unfortunately, HTC's decision to have Zoe consistently running caused the camera to actually melt itself from the inside out, destroying the camera (especially in low light conditions). The phone itself was also quite slow at that point, and while I had used it very efficiently the past three years, it was no longer able to do some of the things I needed it to do, as it would lock up using even basic applications such as GMail.

    In December of 2016, I purchased a Galaxy S7 with the "after Christmas" sale that tends to happen. Now that was a great phone. I'd never seen one so fast. Touchwiz made way more sense than HTC sense (ha), the camera was better, the design was better, and the phone blazed through everything I needed it to. In April of 2018 approximately 16 months after purchasing it, the phone started restarting every now and then. It wasn't a huge deal, until it was multiple times a day. I factory reset it 4-5 times to no avail. The problems persisted. I had coworkers with the same issue, but assumed it was because they had the company software on the phone, while I did not. I used mine only for what was necessary, and nothing more. No Candy Crush, no software lockdown, no sketchy APKs from weird websites.

    By May, around three weeks ago, I'll use the phone on GMail for roughly 20 minutes, and the phone becomes too hot to hold anymore. I took my case off at first, after realizing that the screen was intensely hot. I turned off Fast Charging after the wood on my nightstand began to warp from intense heat where I always sat my phone. The phone restarts itself every hour or so now, whether I'm in the middle of work, or anything else. My boss informed me that I needed to get a new phone, as this was starting to become a problem.

    Of course, I logged onto my computer, searched for a nice phone, and saw the Pixel 2 that everybody has been ranting about, and saw the $650 price tag. I realized then, that I was in an interesting pattern of behavior. If I were to purchase that phone, that would be approximately $2,200 that I had spent on phones since 2013. $2,200 over just 5 years, whereas I got the Treo for around $200, and it lasted me 9 years.

    Technology, appliances, and other things have become increasingly fragile over time, but phone are what I'm noticing it the most with (and my washing machine). What I want to know from the users of Reddit, is, as phones are becoming more and more "disposable," how do you warrant the massive costs that arise from purchasing new ones?
    05-15-2018 10:37 AM
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    It's only massive if you go for flagships. Not everyone needs a flagship device. If it does what you need then do it. But the thing is, phones aren't just phones anymore. They do so much more than just calling, that they're a necessity, especially in some lines of work.
    And it's not that they're disposable. Your S7 would be fine if you just have thr battery replaced. Not sure how much it would cost you but in my country it would be $80 for a new battery an resealing it to IP67 at the Samsung service center.
    05-15-2018 11:36 AM
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    Have you tried backing the phone up (Backing up an Android Device), reflashing the firmware ([Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN), then restoring everything?

    My Note 3s, purchased 5-1/2 years ago still work well, keep cool (but do need new batteries after 5-1/2 years). I'm planning on keeping my Pixel 2 for at least 4 years. (My 2 Palm-based devices still work too, but one's not a phone and the other is CDMA and I need GSM - and they're way past their prime anyway.)

    If you use the camera, all other phones are comparing against the Pixel 2's camera this year - the dynamic range is about the best (although the app leaves something to be desired - like controls) and the dynamic range is done in the app. But it's still a nice phone if you want to spend that much.
    05-15-2018 12:03 PM

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