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    Is there a resource anywhere that lists the pre-installed apps that come with manufacturer-specific Android user-interfaces (Touchwiz, HTC Sense, Oxygen OS, etc)

    I'm interested to know how exactly much bloatware/app-duplication each UI has. The UI roundups I have seen use very generic phrases such as lots of bloatware or very close to stock Android. I would prefer to see specific lists of apps.
    05-19-2018 09:14 AM
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    That will be a complex list, it varies by carrier as well as device manufacturer. An S9 sold on Verizon will have Verizon bloat, while an AT&T one will have AT&T bloat (however much it may or may not be).

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    05-19-2018 01:38 PM
  3. ozaz's Avatar
    Thanks. How about is there a resource which does this with SIM-free versions of the phones?

    I realize each there may also be slight variations between different devices using the same UI (e.g. midrange and flagship Samsung Galaxy phones might not have exactly the same list of apps even though they both use TouchWiz). But I think it would be useful if there were a resource to provide a feel for the differences in the pre-installed app list at least between flagship devices using different Android skins.

    I am already a member of the site, but it seems to have allowed me to post even though I had forgotten to sign in.
    05-19-2018 02:49 PM

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