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    I am trying to watch on a non smart tv what I am streaming on my galaxy tab e sm-t567v. I am trying to find put what cable and or adapted i need. I have been told that my tablet is not HDMI compatable and I'm not sure I completely understand what that means. Does it mean I can't connect my tablet to a non smart tv?
    05-23-2018 04:58 PM
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    Correct(ish). The Tab E series doesn't support MHL (which, basically, means no HDMI output through the USB port). So, your only options for mirroring the screen onto a TV is to do it through WiFi; you can't do it via an HDMI cable (or any cable, for that matter). For this, you have several options.

    1) A Smart TV that supports screen mirroring. Since you already stated you have a non-smart TV, this is not the option you want.

    2) A 'dongle' that supports mirroring and connects to your TV (most are HDMI-only, some support Composite). This can be either a Chromecast or a Roku or a generic 'Miracast' dongle (but at this point, they're just as cheap as a Chromecast and the latter is better feature-packed). HOWEVER, both Chromecast and Roku need a router in the middle and the device to be mirrored to be in the same WiFi Network. If you don't have a router, then you need to find a dongle that supports WiFi Direct mirroring (which is basically a router-free, one-to-one connection using WiFi on the dongle and the device). Bear in mind that, depending on your router, there might be lag in the image (and this does take a toll on your tablet, so processing video PLUS mirroring can cause the video to stutter if compression is demanding). Also, since the screen needs to be turned on for mirroring, battery depletion is a concern so you should do this with your tablet connected to a power source, ideally.

    3) The 'complicated' way. Use a computer that has HDMI output to mirror the tablet. For this you'd need a VNC app to mirror the tablet onto the computer (or, if supported, you can use Samsung's SideSync). Then, connect the computer to the TV and watch there. This, needless to say, needs a lot more set up.
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    05-23-2018 05:16 PM

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