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    Only when using chat heads for FB Messenger - the keyboard is darkly shaded, almost impossible to see keyboard. Multiple keyboards - same issue. Uninstall and reinstall Messenger, same thing. Also, with notifications pulled down, keyboard still operates. I'll try to attach a screenshot.
    05-24-2018 04:06 PM
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    Verizon VS996 - facebook chat head shading keyboard?-screenshot_2018-05-22-19-19-08.jpg
    Verizon VS996 - facebook chat head shading keyboard?-screenshot_2018-05-24-15-13-08.jpg
    Verizon VS996 - facebook chat head shading keyboard?-screenshot_2018-05-24-15-15-34.jpg

    I'm the OP.

    The first screenshot shows the chat heads keyboard. Second, my normal, correctly operating keyboard. Last one shows notification panel, and in that screenshot, I am still able to type. Who knows WHAT I'm typing, it's impossible to see.
    05-24-2018 04:20 PM

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