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    Ok, so I was talking on my cell (Galaxy s4) and would occasionally hear these 4 rapid beeps... it was not the same sound when you are dialing, so it wasn't me pressing any buttons with my face, I also don't have minute minder turned on, it wasn't any other type of notification (I also coming text, email, alarm, etc), and it was not call waiting... the other person could not hear the beeps. Probably happened 4 or 5 times in an approximately 30 minute phone call. Fast forward about 12 hours, I'm laying in bed falling asleep, phone is in the charger, but screen completely turned off, and it all of a sudden just starts talking! Everything on the phone was completely closed out as far as apps, etc go... and with regards to what it was saying, to be honest, I was so startled and grabbed it to try and silence it so quickly that I'm not even 100% positive as to what it actually was saying, but what I heard was something about an Oreo cookie? Honestly, it was something SO random, and not anything I ever would have searched or anything like that, but I turned the screen in to see WHERE it could have been reading from, and again, everything, all background apps, etc were closed out. There was absolutely nothing open on the phone. I don't know that these two things are related, but today was the first time I've ever experienced both of these things in the many years I've owned a Galaxy phone. What could have caused these things?
    05-26-2018 08:02 AM

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