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    Hi guys, I've been struggling with this issue for a while... I've tried all the fix found on the different forums (clear cache, unlink and relink google account, clear contacts from G+ account, enable permission, remove battery safe, etc...) but i'm still not able to have my google contacts showing into my new Oppo. The problem is that the options itself it's not showing up, I only have: App Data/Calendar/Chrome/gmail/Google fit data/Keep/People details as options in my google account sync setup.
    can you please help me out? It's really becoming unnerving!

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    05-28-2018 03:34 AM
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    I've now miraculously managed (repeating obsessively all the above, and obtaining no results) to see the "contact sync" option in the account... but still it won't sync showing the arrows and !.
    In the app it says the account has no contacts, even if online I see correctly the now cleaned over 400 contacts...
    I'm afraid to remove the account and add it again since I'm pretty sure the Contact option won't show up anymore... any help?
    Oppo R11s - Contacts sync not showing in google account options-inkedsync-screen_li.jpg
    p.s. during this process I was also able to have the contacts in the app, but since they were not all I've performed the cleaning of broken contacts (link, email, etc) and of course they disappeared entirely... well at least I know it could work, I still don't know how! suggestions?
    05-28-2018 09:12 AM
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    Only Google contacts sync. Edit a contact and see if it's Google, Device, Phone, SIM or something else.

    If you have contacts that aren't Google contacts (the first line, when you're editing a contact will show your Google account), back them all up (see the Contacts: part of Backing up an Android Device), make sure that they're all in the file you created, then delete all your contacts, import them, and select your Google account to import them to.

    (If you're on Oreo, they're all Google contacts, so look at Google Contacts and you should see them.)
    05-28-2018 04:05 PM

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