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    ive scoured the web for help and all ive found is that there should be a file called wpa_something under data/misc/wifi but when i go to my file manager, and go to "data", misc isnt an option. ive tried searching for "wifi" or "wpa" in hopes of finding it that way but nothing comes up. i even tried downloading a third party file managing app and it only shows me the exact same folders. does my phone just not store things in the same places as other android? please help!
    05-30-2018 04:39 PM
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    Unless the phone is rooted (then there are a couple of apps that can list the passwords for the routers you've connected to), the only thing you can do is reset the router*, put in a new password and write it down (tape it to the bottom of the router. If anyone is close enough to read it, they're close enough to reset the router and change the password, so it's not a security problem.

    *(This is going to take 3 hands and boneless fingers**) find the reset button - usually on the back of the router. Hold it in (keep it pressed in until I tell you to let it go) for 30 seconds. Now pull the power plug out of the router. Wait another 30 seconds. Now plug the power back in. Wait another 30 seconds. Now let go of the reset button***. If you don't have the manual for the router, look it up in Google - the model number and the word manual. The login and password will be the default ones in the manual. Connect to the router (you'll have the manual, so follow the directions) and change the login (if you can - some routers don't allow that) and password.

    **You can use someone else to help you - the router won't know.

    ***This is called the 30-30-30 reset - for obvious reasons.
    05-31-2018 06:47 PM

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