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    My Mams gone into respite care and has an Amazon Fire TV Stick but no Wi-Fi, I want to set up her phone as a hotspot but can't seem to find a way to meter the connection? She has a galaxy Note 3, is there a way to do this? I know I can set Netflix to use no more that 0.3gb per hour but I'd like to make sure the whole device Can't use more than 250mbs an hour so she can use all the other video services without worrying about using all her data up any help would be much appreciated.

    05-30-2018 03:47 PM
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    3rd party apps can do this, I think (like Onavo, if it still exists after the Facebook scandal), but you can't do that kind of metering in stock options. You can limit the mobile data usage in TOTAL per period (i.e. limit mobile data to 5GB a month) but that's it. If you consume that in a day or 28 days, the phone won't control that. This option is in the Mobile Data section of your phone's settings, under Mobile Data Usage.

    If the video app she's using, however, supports controlling video stream quality, that can further limit the data consumption per hour, but that's a per-app setting, not on your phone.

    Additionally, depending on your carrier/plan, video might already be 'throttled' or not count against the mobile data quota. For instance, T-Mobile One plans are throttled to 480p on video (and it doesn't count against data on most streaming services). For older plans, you can turn this option on/off to save data as well.
    05-30-2018 04:21 PM

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