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    Hey, I have a blacked(broken) galaxy j7 core.
    I dont have a password on it, so double pressing the home button unlocks it, but the problem then is when I connect the USB cable, it probably gives me 3 options which are charege,transfer files and some other thing.
    To access the files on my computer I need to select transfer files on my phone, but since my phone is blacked AND i cant press anything(touch not working), I cant select it.
    I can connect a mouse but then obviously im disconnecting the USB cable lol.
    What can I do here?? thanks guys.

    BTW, the reason I dont wanna fix the screen first is because the phone has no password, meaning the person whos gonna fix my screen can easily access my files afterwards, and I have some stuff in there that nobody else should see.
    05-31-2018 12:02 PM
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    Just as a side note, the person fixing your phone will probably wipe it in such a way that all your files will be gone, so you'll have to back the phone up first (which you probably can't do because of the bad screen so, since you probably don't keep your phone backed up, you're going to lose a lot of files anyway.

    As for getting your files off the phone, use a mouse to select to transfer files (you'll have to go into settings to do that - you can't get that popup without connecting to the computer, which you can't do if you connect a mouse), then see if the setting sticks when you connect the USB cable. (That depends on how Samsung implemented things.) If it does, no problem. If it doesn't, look at Google Photos to see if your pictures are there. If they are, there's no need to get them from the phone. If you entered your contacts as Google contacts, they should be at Google Contacts - again, no need to get them from the phone. GMail stays on the server, so no need to get your email. (Most email services will be the same.) Your calendar is at Google Calendar. About the only thing you'd need from the phone (aside from personal files) is your messages, and without the screen, you can't.

    So maybe this will teach you to keep anything important backed up to your PC, a cloud account (or more than one) or both.
    05-31-2018 02:53 PM

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