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    Ok, so my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Active) keeps auto connecting to a specific public WiFi network...Time Warner Cables "TACTiCs-Passpoint". Passpoint is a version of their regular public WiFi that "provides the same type WPA2 enterprise grade encryption as your Home WiFi network, allowing you to send security-sensitive data when you're away from home."

    Sounds good right? Well except for the fact that when my phone is connected to this network, it's so slow and bogged down, I feel like I have better connectivity when in Airplane mode!

    So I went into my WiFi settings, long pressed on Passpoint, told my phone to forget the network...and my phone completely ignores that and continues to connect to Passpoint. I've gone into my saved networks, and told my phone to forget all the miscellaneous public WiFi including all the TWC networks, and still it'll connect to Passpoint.

    Worse, I can manually select an open public WiFi network, connect to it, and discover my phone will still disconnect from that and connect to Passpoint!

    Like right now, I'm sitting in the mall waiting on an appointment at the satellite DMV office, been in the exact same chair for an hour now, and at least three times told my phone to forget Passpoint, connected to the malls public WiFi, went thru their log in screen, only to watch it automatically start reconnecting to Passpoint, only for me to tell the phone to forget Passpoint (again) and see it reconnected to Passpoint a few minutes later!

    It's irritating and vastly frustrating, I HATE Passpoint now, and cannot understand why, despite my repeated attempts to stop my phone from connecting to it, it still autocorrect to it!

    How do I block this??
    06-04-2018 03:21 PM

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