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    Galaxy 9 with the latest software (Android 8.0.0). All of a sudden the wireless charging in extremely slow. I find no "fast wireless setting available in advanced options" as noted in other postings.
    Something is wrong or a setting is incorrect.
    If I go to settings/device maintenance/battery/advanced, all I see is:
    App power monitor
    Fast cable charging

    Please advise.
    06-05-2018 07:46 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    It's not a setting and chances are the issue is with your charger. If it's not the Samsung charger, then you have to check the manufacturer's specs to see which chargers it is compatible with for Fast Wireless Charging. For instance, apparently Samsung changed their Fast Chargers (wired) from the one used in prior phones when the S9 was released. So, a Seneo Wireless stand will charge at Fast Wireless speeds (and you will see the option in your phone after it detects it) if you use the charger that came with the S9, but if you use a Fast Charger from a Note 7, for example, the same wireless stand will now only work in standard speeds.

    The usual things to check, too, are to make sure that the USB cable from the charger to the stand is not damaged (try a different one if possible), and that both ends are properly inserted.

    If the wireless charging circuit on your phone were damaged, which could also be a reason, albeit a rare one, you would probably also have issues with NFC and using MST with Samsung Pay. If you don't see the latter, chances are your phone's charging innards are fine.
    06-05-2018 11:50 AM

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