1. LJ Sal's Avatar
    I always scam my files for amything malicious and nothing comes. I was looking through a file of mine that either said mp3.cr/mp3.dr or mp4.cr/mp4.dr that was unable to open.
    I don't remember which one but it was one of them and I deleted it. I read somewhere that nothing should be after mp3 or mp4 format. So is this a virus hidden? And are mp3 and mp4 viruses dangerous? Can they steal your files like photos, sms, Ect?
    06-08-2018 09:56 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It could be - it's a common way to hide Windows viruses, since the default in Windows is to not show known extensions, so all you see is file.mp3 and you think it's an mp3 file. That usually means that it's safe on Android, because the operating system is Linux, and Windows viruses can't run in Linux (and Linux viruses can't run in Windows). But there's no legitimate .mp3.cr or .mp3.dr (or .mp4,cr or mp4.dr) file type, so it wasn't something that you wanted anyway.

    Can a virus ...? Yes, a virus is just a program, so it can find any information on your phone, it can dial the phone, it can send the information over the internet - it can do whatever any program can do. Whether it's an mp3 virus, a movie virus, a spreadsheet virus - it's not a music file, a movie or a spreadsheet, it's a virus (with a name that claims to be music, a movie or a spreadsheet - or whatever it's claiming to be). Will cyanide kill you if I shape and paint it as an apple? An egg? A hamburger? It's not an apple, egg or hamburger, it's cyanide. Same thing.

    Don't worry about your photos being stolen, worry about someone getting into your bank app or Google Pay app and stealing your money. If the virus gets your debit card number, it's easy for a crook to duplicate the card and use it to make a large in-person purchase. (Or a large out-of-the-country purchase.)
    06-09-2018 01:51 PM
  3. LJ Sal's Avatar
    I see so this could of still been a virus even if I scanned files and didn't detect anything? and I read somewhere that cr means a download that didn't go through.
    06-10-2018 11:38 PM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    A file type means what the developer means it to mean. Two files with the same name, with one of them having the file type .part means that it didn't go through, or it's not finished going through. Otherwise, anything can mean anything. (.com used to be an executable file in DOS. [com for command] A customer of mine wanted to keep comments and notes about a program he was beta testing for me, so he started a text file named XXX.com [XXX being the name of the program and com meaning - to him -'comments'. The executable order in DOS was .com, .exe [for executable] and .bat [for batch] - in that order. So, of course, when he tried to run the program, the computer ran his comments file instead - and crashed. Never assume anything with file extensions.)
    06-24-2018 03:17 PM

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