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    I started out with a crappy AT&T Fusion 2, and then got an HTC One. After HTC's Zoe software melted its own camera, I steered away from HTC and decided to go with Samsung, since that seemed to be the brand that most Android users have. I've been using an S7 for about two years now, and I have been observing Google's phones since the Nexus phones. Now, Google has an actual marketing campaign and people actually buying their phones (I was afraid they were just testing the waters and going to back out). I no longer want to buy flagship phones, since they just crap themselves in two years anyway (my S7 gets so hot now I can barely hold it, and the battery maybe lasts 4 hours). I was talking to some other people on here who said buying the flagships was unnecessary. Their "mid range" phones lasted just as long as flagships they purchased.

    With that in mind, I've been looking at both the S8 and the Pixel 2, specifically if they release a Pixel 3 causing the price to drop. I've grown accustomed to the software of TouchWiz or whatever they're calling it now, with the drop down tiles for wifi and other things, and the system settings, but I use Nova Launcher over the top of it anyway. I'm mostly interested in the Pixel because people say it has a much faster experience due to there not being anything over top of it in the first place. I also just purchased a Google Home and I'd like the Pixel 2 for its synergy with that device.

    So what do you guys recommend? I've browsed the internet, but all I get are those half assed "there is no real winner here" as they describe the pros of both and how they're the exact same phone (Forbes bloggers must be so afraid of getting sued, there's no other explanation).
    06-10-2018 07:53 PM
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    The Samsung flagships have some advantages like wireless charging, headphone jack, a bunch of extra software features, bigger battery, higher resolution screen with minimal bezels but I still prefer the Pixel 2 for the overall experience. With the Pixel 2 you get a top notch camera, improved water resistance, dual front speakers, very smooth software and active edge to launch Google assistant and silence calls or alarms. The software support for the Pixel phones is another big selling point. You'll get at least a couple years of monthly security updates and major software updates. They've also added another year to the warranty.
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    06-10-2018 10:01 PM

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