1. WinU's Avatar
    Hello! Looking for some help here. I have a Sony XZS and I am having some issues with it and possibly looking to get a new phone. Quickly on the issues I am having, since I have touched on this on the Sony forums. Ear proximity not working, top right side of the whole screen is coming off, therefore probably not ip68 anymore. Got a black spot on my camera, most likely dust because of the screen coming off in that corner. The camera both for photos and videos overheats super fast, can't even leave it up and running at all, causing major problems for me. The phone has tons of space on it, never been abused, dropped etc. No hot temps or anything, never even submerged it in water. So I am pretty bummed out.

    So I have been browsing phones again......

    Most important feature is the camera and waterproof/dust resistent. Then speed, which I'm not really worried about, all todays phones are pretty fast for what I do. Yes, the waterproofing/dust resistent is important. I love being able to not worry about it, I have a toddler, therefore it might go in the toliet, two i love water pictures and the slow mo etc. I like to cook, using it for recipes and constantly getting it wet. I work out doors, do home repairs always tons of dust. Other than that I'd say close to stock android would be best. I hate all the bloatware, which is why I hesitate to get the S9, even though it's $300 off right now at best buy.

    Ready go.....

    Thank you!
    06-13-2018 09:26 AM
  2. Tarek Fahmi's Avatar
    I've got an s9 (exynos model) and everything is perfect. Im extremely happy with my purchase. Its extremely snappy, battery life is decent (lasts me the entire day with battery to spare), and most importantly, its water and dust resistance is as good as it gets. Ive submerged it in water countless times, had it heated up to apply some screen protector (after which the seals worked fins still), and went camping to the desert with it. I strongly suggest buying this phone, but also buying a good case to protect it, considering your situation.
    I suggest buying a Spigen case and screen protector. Theyre top notch and have great prices. Good luck with that toddler of yours!
    06-29-2018 05:18 PM

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