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    Today i recived a apple email about my apple id even though i do not use apple anymore but i have in the past and had an apple id i recived a weird email saying they were going to suspend my account and i needed to update my information they provided a button that said "update now" and for some dumb reason i clicked it like an ***** thinking it was really apple. Right as i clicked it i closed the page while it was still loading and didnt let it fully load and i went into airplane mode and looked at past apple emails then i realized it was a fake and probably a phishing email. What do i do now? Im very worried they may have gotten information or put a bug in the phone since right after my keyboard started going slow and lagging a bit behind i have a samsung galaxy s6 with android 7.0 and the last security patch was march 1st 2018 im totally freaking out right now any help would be greatly apperciated.
    06-16-2018 01:58 PM
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    Step one would be an anti-virus such as Norton. 5 users for about 30. Turn off cellular and wifi and Bluetooth now, then do a factory reset to a recent backup after installing the anti-virus software.
    06-16-2018 02:28 PM

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