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    In my new LG with Android 7 I want to move a number of pics from 1 folder to another while in gallery. With my old Samsung running Marshmallow I could just hold my finger on a pic until a little check box opened on all pics then just check the ones I want to move and hit move and a list of Move To folders would appear. Select one and all selected would move. That doesn't happen on LG with Lollipop. How do I move without having to go to file manager?
    06-17-2018 09:39 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! It depends on what kind of folders the gallery is using. There are two kinds of folders that can appear in a gallery app. On all phones, a separate directory on the phone's internal storage can be viewed by the gallery app as a folder. But some phones have a gallery app that allows you to create an album/folder that is only recognized by the gallery app itself (while the actual photo file stays in the default /DCIM/Camera directory). If the first situation is the case, then you typically can't use the gallery app to move photos between folders/albums, because that's a file manager function.

    I'm guessing that the second situation is how the stock Gallery app on your old Samsung phone worked, and that your new LG phone operates like the first situation. The bottom line is that on the LG phone, use a file manager app to move photos between the folders that represent your albums.
    06-17-2018 09:59 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    The album name is the last name of the folder, so if you have a photo in /DCIM/Camera/Winter 2017/Christmas, it will show in Gallery as being in an album named Christmas.
    06-18-2018 12:41 PM

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