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    My samsung s8+ had the LDI water indicator on after being at 0%. I let it dry overnight in a bag of rice, and then it still would show the water detected sign and would not charge. I used a blow dryer, making sure to keep it far enough away so it doesn't get too hot, but nothing.

    So, I then went online and found a way to bypass the LDI by inserting the charge cable then powering the device. This worked. My phone was charging again.

    However, when I reached 100% battery, and began using it, I noticed that after 10 minutes, I was down to 97%, then to 90 % after 30 minutes. My phone lost all battery after about 8 hours of standby (during charging, I would get the LDI some times and some times it would charge normally; it felt random).

    I bought some tools and a new battery, and spent all last night replacing it, but afterwards, I still got the LDI sign, and after bypassing that again, I still have the battery draining extremely fast. What other problems could there be?

    The LDI triggered initially after a day at the beach, maybe some water splashing around or the phone laying on a table with some water on it. I figured since it is water resistant it shouldn't affect it
    06-29-2018 12:06 PM

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