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    I've had an android radio in the car since last week.
    This works nicely but also has some minor problems.
    If I open apps and I want to open another app close the open app.

    For example: I turn on spotify and switch to navigation, chrome or any other app that stops spotify.
    Even if I just go back to the start screen. On my phone this is not the case with the spotify app.

    This is also with a radio app to stream radio stations. This is quite annoying.

    Can I set this up?

    Furthermore, I regularly have a 506 error message in the app store and then have to clear the cache again. Is this also a definitive solution?

    Is it possible to put android 8 on it or does it still have a lot of problems?

    I hope someone can help me further.

    07-02-2018 01:39 PM
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    Do the audio apps in question have options to stay running in the background?

    As for upgrading to 8 - that depends on the level of support for that from the radio manufacturer.

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    07-02-2018 03:23 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Most audio apps stop when they get put into the background, and of course that's mandatory if you don't have enough RAM so the app gets killed (which is totally invisible to the user - to you it looks as if the app was loaded, you brought anbother app to the foreground, then brought the audio app back to the foreground; what actually happens is that Android kills the audio app, runs the other one, like Maps then, when you "bring the audio app to the foreground", Android kills Maps and runs the audio app, telling it to start where it left off [all Android apps are supposed to keep their current state at all times]).

    Check the amount of RAM in the radio - that's usually skimped on. But it's still usual, except in a few phones, for audio and video apps to stop when they go into the background.

    Can you "set this up"? That depends on whether you have enough RAM, and if the app has a setting to keep running in the background. For example, I was just working on Viper4Android a while ago, so I ran Ringtone Maker to provide a background sound while I adjusted some sound settings. In a phone with 4GB of RAM - more than enough to run both apps and a few more. As soon as I switched to Viper, Ringtone maker stopped - I didn't even go to the home screen. But my WUNC app keeps playing in the background. Some do, some don't, some only do on some devices. So there's no definitive answer, but most likely it's "not on your device". (I know, having the radio playing while having Maps on the screen for navigation is nice. I used to do it when I first moved here - I had no idea where anything was. About all I can suggest is running the radio app on the radio and running Maps in the phone. It's still possible to hear the directions.)
    07-02-2018 03:55 PM

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