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    I own a non rooted Moto E4 on android 7. 1.1 and a few days ago my phone started acting really strange. It started out when i was getting little error messages when using my photo viewing app (quickpic). I uninstalled the app and tried to reinstall but it would not let me reinstall and said "failed to download apps". A little while later i noticed that NO apps would install anymore either and my WIFI started disconnecting at random times. After that i realized that my phone was not letting me download pictures or take screenshots. When taking screenshots i got an error saying i had no device space left despite having a SD card in that had 10 GB of extra space left. I tried turning my phone off and even taking battery, sd card, and sim card out and letting the phone sit like that for a while. When I turned the phone back on the starting up screen took twice as long than usual. Once I got to the basic screen before the lock screen the phone displayed the incorrect time and the touch screen wouldn't work at all despite me sliding up to try and access my lock screen. It would stay like that for 2-3 seconds before the backlight faded out and then the screen would go black like in sleep mode, but the phone had actually turned off without even saying it was shutting down. After trying that 2/3 times my phone finally turned on correctly. I ran a full malwarebytes scan (Premium version) and the program found nothing. I factory reset my phone (sadly lost a lot of pictures) and that solved most of my problems but my Wifi still disconnects some times and my phone won't read the SD card, despite having used this exact SD card with my phone for about a year and having no problems. Im at a complete loss at what could have caused all this except some virus that malwarebytes didn't pick up. I want to get my sd card working again at least.
    07-02-2018 07:34 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! The first thing I'd do is get a new card. If that card is corrupt, it might be causing various issues.
    07-03-2018 03:29 AM

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