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    I replaced a part on my moto x 2nd gen a while back, all went fine but I didn't use the phone for a month. Today I turn it on, it shows me the motorola logo, then shuts down without anything else.

    I noticed it takes longer for it to respond after pressing and holding the power button because normally the screen would light up faster.

    Sometimes I kept seeing the battery logo, then it shutdown, some other times I saw a green led. I assumed the battery was discharged so I decided to recharge it. I tried everything I could find on google:
    -letting it charge overnight
    -switch to a charger with a higher amperage (quickcharge on my powerbank)
    -change chargers in general
    -go to fast boot menu and let it charge

    I don't know what the issue is. What's bothering me is when I go to fastboot menu and choose normal startup, shows the motorola logo and shuts down, when I choose recovery it does the same.

    Any thoughts? I simply want the phone to turn on :/
    07-03-2018 10:04 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    My question is why, if you know so much about phones that you replace your own parts, are you asking us? Why not just troubleshoot it yourself, find the problem and fix it? Or at least list the troubleshooting steps you've taken, and the results, so we don't "think over" steps you've already taken?

    Or are you saying that you replaced a part, but don't really know anything about fixing phones? In that case, I'd suggest that you try to find a repair shop that will take a phone you've already damaged, and let them fix it.

    There's no way for us to know what you broke when you "replaced a part". Either you or a repair shop have to determine that. (Since you can boot it into thew bootloader and it sits there, the battery and its connections isn't the problem. But you have two [out of 3] partitions not booting and holding, so it could be almost anything.)
    07-03-2018 03:25 PM
  3. Haman Tictac's Avatar
    My apologies for not asking the right way. I'm no expert in such things or trying to show so. I'll let you know everything related to this incident. A month ago, phone falls from my pocket, touch & screen cracked but still functioned. As if that wasn't enough, I decided to order a new lcd + touch replacement because I had replaced the touch on two other phones in the past. That was a mistake. A few days later I was notified of the package (it wasn't the replacement part) and once picked up, I went home, disassembled the moto, was all ready to place the replaced part but I found out it wasn't the lcd + touch. Yeah.. I thought it'd be an ok idea to let the phone's parts rest in a safe box til the package actually arrives, because reassembling it & repeating this process when said replacement arrived would mean messing with the screws & from previous experience, I learned that it's not a good idea to mess with them screws too much.. (Side note: I used fine tools from a friend, so no worries there). Now, fast forward 3-4 weeks, replacement arrives, I re-build the phone with care, all went fine.

    This is where I try to turn it on but the issues start. I'll give exact details of what I tried and the behaviour of the phone. As I plug the phone in, I see the screen turn on for a brief moment, then shuts down after vibrating (as it usually does). I tried turning it back on, it took longer than usual and result didn't change. I let it charge overnight using its original charger. Next morning it had the same issue. I checked for online solutions.

    1. I first tried going in safe mode, and choose either "Normal Startup" or "Recovery" but once selecting either of those, moto's logo showed up & phone went off. Side note: the line with the battery status was in green letters saying "Battery: OK" and didn't change at all thoughout the methods I tried. I did this in safe mode both while it was and wasnt plugged. While plugged instead of moto's logo I saw the battery icon, white/empty with the lightning in the middle and no percentage indicator. Note: during all efforts, I didn't even once see the percentage.

    2. I read something about battery protection that prevents the battery from going 0%. and that it's sometimes the issue here. Recommended solution was to go in safe mode & let the phone plugged. It didn't charge as promised (at least didnt seem so)

    3. Tried using different ways of charging, maybe the charger cable was to blame, didnt change anything. Some suggested using a charger with higher amperage, so I used my powerbank. While doing so I tried "holding power and low volume buttons for 3 mins", or "only power button for 3mins" or "first low volume for 30 sec ,then both power and low volume buttons simultaneusly for 3 min". The phone became warm to a bit hot. Nothing seemed to have affected the phone and I still got the shutdown result.

    3. I plugged the phone back to its original charger, left it, came back, attempted the holding buttons combinations once again. This time the screen wouldn't turn on but a green led light for only 2-4 seconds. This happened two - three times in a row after which the moto logo showed up. At that point I still had my fingers on the buttons. It turned off, back on, etc. til I gave up and the safe boot menu appeared. I chose Recovery, hoping it'd magically work but it shutdown. I left it, but after a few seconds it was on again, and went off after the moto logo. It did this 3 times, similarly to how it happens on boot loops (had one on this phone after I bought it). A few hours later I walked around the room and noticed the green light was on. It remained lit for at least 9 seconds before turning off.

    That's all the info I've got til now. I'm no expert in phones, but at least I can learn about stuff on forums like these. Although it's my last resort option, I have considered taking the phone to a specialist. My question was poorly formed because of the stress. I've never surfed the web for hours without finding a working solution before.. Again, sorry for that and thank you for your time.
    07-03-2018 05:09 PM
  4. Haman Tictac's Avatar
    Please delete this, I have new information regarding the issue and will create a different post. This time it'll be shorter because as it turns out, the phone boots normally but the screen doesn't stay on.
    07-06-2018 12:20 PM

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