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    i have a problem with my appstore so i download apps from unkown source but they take long time loading but eventually wont install like chrome update or facebook lite ect, ihave enough space on my device and my sd card i didnt encounter such problem before but lately it started happening i even reset my phone the problem presisted
    07-05-2018 02:59 AM
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    Such is the risk of downloading independent apk files. There's only 3 places I would trust to get apps from: Google Play (if not listed there, that usually means it's not compatible with your phone), Amazon's app store, or direct from the developer (even then, their sites typically direct you to one of the other two places). If you're getting them from random app hosting sites as an apk file, now you're running into chances of piracy, corrupted files, hacked apps that also install malware, and no compatibility checks like Google Play does.

    Since you also say you're having a problem with your "appstore," which I'm assuming you are referring to Google Play, I'd suggest creating a free account here so you can reply on what errors it's giving you. That way we could help resolve that issue so you can make sure you're getting the legitimate apps.
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    07-05-2018 05:27 AM
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    And just FYI, you can have 512GB free on your SD card, but if you don't have enough free internal storage, no app will install. Android installs apps to internal storage. (And removing the warning about moving widgets to the SD card was probably the WORST.SINGLE.IDEA.OF.THE CENTURY. Some apps, moved to the SD card, even if they run, will chew the card up quickly. It's not the app's fault, it's not the card's fault, it's the user's fault. Since an Android app is supposed to write its current state every single time that state changes, and SD card life is measured in write operations, an app that changes state constantly is writing to the card constantly, using up its life.)
    07-05-2018 04:39 PM

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