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    How do you tell the difference between phones that use version vs at&t
    07-05-2018 08:35 PM
  2. hallux's Avatar
    T-Mobile and AT&T use similar networks, but they still use different frequencies. Neither of them is similar to Verizon. However - it seems most "flagship" devices these days contain radios to support all the major carriers in the US, regardless of what carrier sells it.

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    07-05-2018 08:46 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Usually if the phone is bought from a carrier, it can't be used on another carrier unless it's unlocked - and that goes only for AT&T and TMobile. Verizon and Sprint use different technology and usually won't accept a phone made for a different carrier even if it has the technology. (That may be changing, though - more and more people are choosing carriers by the phones they carry [which is like choosing the make and model of car by the color of the seats they sell], and most carriers don't want to carry all models [a phone on the shelf is money on the shelf - they pay for those demo phones and the ones sitting in the stock room], so with phones coming out that are pretty universal, we may see all carriers accepting any phone that works on their network. It's happened before. [Anyone remember the "World Phone"?])

    But if you look at the model number of the phone, you should find it if you go to https://www.gsmarena.com/, select the manufacturer and look for the model name (like Note 8 or V30), then look for the particular variant (like N950F or H931) above the line that says NETWORK. Then you can look at the frequencies it covers for 4G (2G is pretty universally 850/900/1800/1900 these days - or CDMA 800/1900 for Sprint or Verizon) to see if they match your carrier.
    07-06-2018 02:22 PM

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