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    I am not a direct Pixel user, but one of my friends has the Pixel 2. Right off the top, I will mention that the camera and the stereo speakers are phenomenal. But everything else, not so much. The only thing I would like to suggest here is that Google removes the 'Squeeze' feature. It is so darn gimmicky. He doesn't even use it. Also removing that might reduce the cost by a bit and may also help in getting thinner bezels. I can only guess that removing the squeeze might allow them to curve the display on the edges to get a more Infinity Edge like display, which most, if not all of us like better than some gimmicky squeeze feature. Also, the main purpose of the notch(rumored on the Pixel 3) is defeated if there is a huge chin on the bottom. Instead, they can put a little notch on the bottom and add a stereo speaker there. That will be a different design rather than the same iPhone X copy like designs we see everywhere. Those will more 2018 like qualities, the year of revolutionary designs(Find X, Nex).

    We are progressing towards a world of seamless operation. Bezels are being removed so that we actually forget about the smartphone itself and get immersed in the experience. Wireless charging, the same thing, we don't have to act physically with the chordage to charge our phones, charging simply happens when we put it away. Water resistance, we don't have to take care of our smartphones separately in a rain or underwater. They work with us seamlessly under water. Even face unlock so that we don't even have to touch the mobile to unlock it, besides being "Safer". Such should be the idea with the squeeze feature. It WILL die in the next couple of years, if not this year itself.

    My point here is, we have to act physically with the squeeze feature. That just pushes us in the opposite direction of the progress in technology we are making. We have to physically act with the smartphone, in a world where we are having to interact lesser and lesser with our smartphone and everything is becoming seamless. I can bet that the Squeeze feature WILL be a flop if Google continues to pursue it in vain. They should instead do some cost-cutting so that the device Pixel 3 becomes more available to the public and definitely double down on their quality control. Hope a Google launches a customer friendly phone in 2018 rather than an Android-friendly phone. Will be waiting eagerly to buy this one myself upgrading from the OnePlus 5, if it's actually worth the money.
    07-07-2018 04:30 AM
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    Would you like me to move this to the Pixel 3 forum for discussion?
    07-07-2018 07:18 AM

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