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    This search bar appeared out of nowhere The search bar takes you to results from Yahoo. I know how to get rid of a widget in general but there's no way to "grab" this one and pull it into the remove button. There is nothing obvious in installed apps like Yahoo Search or anything else mentioning search.

    Two other suspicious things happened at the same time. My home screen was wiped clean except for said search bar, and I have two new screens when swiping right. [1] A list of texts - not sure what app it is using but I just started using Google messages for its web sync capabilities. I opened Google Messages and was able to clear an unread message which I was not able to do from this new mysterious test screen, but Google didn't ask me if I wanted to make it my default txt app, and I'm not sure that it is. [2] Swiping right again I get this ugly ad screen again with the Yahoo search bar.

    Home screen w/search bar:


    Some message (cr)app:


    Some other annoying screen:

    07-10-2018 07:48 AM
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    I figured out what this was. I forget what led me to it but something pointed me to an app called Messenger Home. I had tried to uninstall it before, but the uninstall button was grayed out in app settings. I thought of going to search it in the Play store and there I was able to uninstall. Not sure how it ever got on my phone but as soon as it was uninstalled, my phone was restored to its former state.
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    07-10-2018 11:09 AM

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