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    I am searching for a way to use Explorer (Samsung Galaxy S7 connected to PC) so that pictures, videos, music, ringtones, notification sounds are in organized folders. I would prefer to store this on the SD card.
    07-11-2018 09:00 AM
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    As long as the files aren't protected (like stock ringtones) you can just plug in your phone to your computer and use the Windows/Mac explorer to drag/drop things just as you would with any other file/folder.

    Bear in mind, however, that some files need to be in specific places in order for your phone to use them (like ringtones and notifications). Pictures will still be shown in the Gallery, but should you move them to a different location, the Album or Folder will change. Furthermore, make sure that the new location is set up to back up to cloud IF you have that kind of service active.

    And a couple more thing: Remember that newer Android versions restrict how apps can write/modify files on an SD card, so a 3rd party app (stock ones don't have that issue) CANNOT delete/modify files saved in a folder that the app itself didn't create. Also, SD cards tend to fail (and more so, apparently, if you use a Samsung device), so only move what you've backed up elsewhere.
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    07-11-2018 11:00 AM
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    And, if you're setting up folders for tones, alarm tones have to be in a folder named Alarms (case counts), notifications in Notifications, ringtones in Ringtones. You can put all those folders into a folder names Tones or something, but when you look for a ringtone from Contacts, it only shows the ones in any folder named Ringtones (regardless of the folders above it).

    Also most pictures are somewhere off a folder named DCIM (Digital Camera IMages). And a lot of music player apps get their album, artist, etc., names from the folder structure. (Some work right, and get them from the iTag metadata in the files.)

    As for backup, never depend on the phone for backup at all - always have everything, on an SD card or internal storage, backed up somewhere else, preferably more than one place. You drop the phone and a truck runs it over and all you have are your backups, whether the card or internal storage failed or not - they have now. (Stolen phones are also difficult to get data from </sarcasm>.)
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    07-11-2018 12:10 PM

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