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    Hello everyone, I'm essentially a complete novice when it comes to mobile phone operating systems and my head is spinning a bit right now. To keep a long story short: My mother came to me today and said she had managed to accidentally delete every picture on her phone (~5 years worth)...

    So I've spent all night looking into the various terminology / practices for getting 'deleted' data off Android phones (Rooting, Nandroid, Bootlader, tons of recovery / root programs, etc). I'm just getting confused on all the programs for all the approaches on all the phone types (and even different builds of the same phone).

    Just the question:
    After doing this research, I'm not even sure if this phone can currently / ever be rooted. It seems its either got a 'rare' or new combination of system specs that no one seems to have info on, and that Verizon is apparently notorious for locking down their phones which greatly limits what I can do.

    So, I'm just trying to determine if there is even anything that can be done now (if not, could it be done 'later'?) and if it can be what is the most prudent course of action.

    Phone Specs:

    Galaxy S6



    Android Version:

    Android secruty Patch level:
    March 1, 2018

    Baseband version:

    Kernel Version:
    dpi@SWHD2403 #1
    Mon May 14 20:52:00 KST 2018

    Build Number:

    Hardware Version:

    What I've tried so far:
    I initially tried a recovery program - DiskDigger (which is paired with OneClickRoot), it could not root properly, so I just grabbed the 'preview thumbnails' of what it did find just so I had something. I then looked at KingRoot (did not state it was compatible), then KingoRoot for both the APK and Desktop versions which do claim 7.0 compatibility (APK goes black at 90%, and Desktop failed and would fail and crash on any second attempt).

    Was going to try PingPongRoot but decided I should make a real backup first (still working on that), and noticed that while this program specific seems geared to Samsung Galaxy S6s, my build isn't listed as compatible.
    07-14-2018 10:46 AM
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    First - if a root method is ever discovered, it will most likely be on XDA first, so keep checking there.

    Second - root methods are found by people trying different things. Someone could have found something but not posted it yet, or it may never be found. There's no way to tell. (Root for the AT&T Note 3 was found in a couple of months. Then a new version of Android came out and it took close to a year to find a way to root that.)

    For now, the only thing she could do is put the phone in a drawer and keep the battery charged. (Keep it around 80%, check it every month and charge to 80% when it gets down to 50%.) You got the thumbnails, that's about all you can do for now. (Using the phone writes to storage - that overwrites deleted files.)

    You can check whether Magisk works for the 920V. If it does, you can risk it but installing it will also possibly (but not necessarily) overwrite deleted files. (Magisk is systemless rooting. It does the same thing without finding a way to get the phone to boot into a rooted state first.) If Magisk works, Disk Digger will work. (If I were you, and Magisk works on the 920V, I'd install it and lose whatever gets overwritten. And it's cheaper than buying another phone to use until the 920V gets a system root.)

    And teach her to back up her important files. If she takes a picture she may not want to lose, back it up - sooner rather than later. (If the phone gets dropped into water, or gets driven over, there's no "recovering").

    PingPong Root may work - check the supported ROM versions.
    07-14-2018 02:08 PM

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