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    Galaxy S7 Active, recent software update has created a recurring 'low battery warning' notification once below 15%. Phone's on charger, and notification pops up repeatedly...(constantly/out of control) On notification bar, press and hold to open 'System UI app' the frequency of low battery warning alert is locked into 'on' and unable to be edited... is there a solution. Trying to use my phone when it's on the charger, but this alert is appearing constantly, and I'm having to manually dismiss it repeatedly. Thanks.
    07-16-2018 04:14 PM
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    Yes, the solution is to keep the battery between 40% and 80%. Constantly letting it discharge to 15% is going to cause you to get to know a battery replacer pretty well. Lithium battery technology wasn't chosen for cellphones because it's a deep-discharge technology - it's not. It's light (the only lighter metal is solidified hydrogen, and you don't want to carry that kind of freezer around), and it can be used to make thin batteries. But it's not a car battery. You can't grind it until it dies, then give it 5 minutes and grind it again. Drop it below 40% and you're shortening its life. (Charging it above 80% shortens it a little too.)

    It's just something we have to learn to accommodate to, if we don't want to carry 2 pound batteries around.

    Let the phone charge until it gets above 15%, then the notice will stop. (Once it's charged to 80%, and you unplug the charger, you may be able to turn off the low battery warning - but you should never get near 15% anyway.)
    07-16-2018 04:59 PM

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