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    Hello all i have a LG v20 i like my phone and it works good accept for it been an International phone on the at&t network. Why am i on the AT&T network is because i dont pay my bill work does. I am trying to think about either getting a samsung galaxy note 8 or should i just stick to the LG V20 i already have. If i buy another LG V20 i know it wont be an international phone and it will probably work alot better then the phone i got. Now i know people have mentioned to me the LG V35 and also people have told me about the One plus phone. All i am looking for is what would someone tell me or sell to me if you were to sell me a phone or i was at a store. I know each person going to have a different reason and thats ok i just need an idea or how to better choose. I know looking at specs helps i know reading reviews helps but me when i pick out a phone i am like which one would i use. I do talk alot on the phone i do search the web alot and i do access my computer from my phone when i am away from home but yeah. If anyone out there could at least give me some ideas or get back in contact with me that would be great.
    07-17-2018 03:14 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Work better on voice and text? Probably not.

    Data? Maybe, but probably not. If you're in an area that AT&T doesn't provide with solid coverage, no phone will work better.

    You get caught in a bad situation when you accept the phone your employer gives you - most of them don't even check for coverage in their own offices, and none of them check for coverage in your house. The best carrier for you is the one that gives you the best coverage where you need coverage. Once you determine that, if your employer is cellphone-illiterate, which yours appears to be, you either accept their cheaper plan or you go with the better (for you) carrier and either pay the difference or you find an MVNO (like Straight Talk or Mint or ... whichever) for that carrier. (In my case, AT&T was pretty solid, until I started to go where they had no coverage at all. But T-Mobile did. Since I don't use a lot of mobile data [I have a pretty solid internet connection], I went with Mint - for $15/month for 2GB/month. If I get close to 1GB in any given month I'll be surprised, so their price and amount is fine for me, and I get coverage where I need it.) AT&T for free wouldn't have been any use to me.
    07-17-2018 04:35 PM

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