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    Hey guys,

    I just noticed that I'm unable to select a playback time in videos on the YouTube app anymore, as in I can't tap on the timeline (if that's what it's called... Time bar along the bottom) to select when I want to play a video from. I can still drag the red dot to the new time, but can't just select the new playback position like I used to... Anyone know why?

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    07-18-2018 04:59 PM
  2. Yusra Al-himyari's Avatar
    I've noticed that too from yesterday for some reason I can't choose a time
    07-19-2018 02:12 AM
  3. Parker Ku's Avatar
    This change is mildly infuriating; anyone have an idea why a decision was made to only allow drag control? Maybe accidental touches became annoying for other users, but in the meantime I will revert to an older version of the app so I can still use the tap feature.
    07-20-2018 04:40 AM
  4. Jamesfasa's Avatar
    Hey guys! Not a solution but more of a quick fix... I was trying to figure out what exactly the most recent update changed because we are still able to scroll when you hold down on the scrubber and move to your desired time on a video. Here is what I did...

    instead of holding my finger down on the scrubber I held down my finger along the time bar that I had wished to jump to and where the scrubber wasn't. Once I was holding I scrolled my finger a little to the left or right and sure enough the scrubber jumped to the time frame my finger was holding and the small preview still of that time frame appeared. I released my finger and it played from that point. I hope this helps but I wish we can still tap and have the scrubber jump to the time frame that we quickly select. Even so this little method has helped this annoying issue for the time being.

    Youtube needs to fix this asap...
    07-21-2018 06:01 AM

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