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    Im Indian guy looking over all good performance mobile with better battery backup for my long work time in rural terrain with no possible power available except power bank.
    Im medium level gamer sometimes PUBG.
    my old BlackBerry Priv mobile is throttling its final days and its wildly outdated which is struck on marshmallow os and no security patch for years now. Additionally it heats and drain crazily.
    So I decided to give up the legendary priv. I never had any experience with purchasing mobile for last 3 years. So its hard time choosing now.
    I found unlocked T-Mobile lg g6 as cheap as 16,000 INR, which is brand new from importer.
    Another option available is Xioami Redmi note 5 pro, which boasts SD636 processor and 1000mah bigger battery at same price.
    Im having hard time choosing between those two.
    Both phones satisfied my benchmark expectations.
    Things I deeply understand is, Redmi note 5 pro comes with warranty, but lg g6 is limited to seller's warranty for software only for 6 months and 10 days replacement for manufacturing and hardware issues for phone itself.
    07-18-2018 11:23 PM

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