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    I'm evaluating an sBay Sprint LG V20 as a Galaxy Note II (v4.4, broken glass) replacement. The V20 came in good condition and I am currently using it on WiFi only - will get a SIM card if I decide to keep it. It is running 7.0, security patch level March 2018.

    Issue: I have set up the stock email app with my primary email account via IMAP and can send/receive from it. I don't get consistent notifications in the Second Screen, though. The Note II has a notification LED and I have read that this is NOT available on the V20 so some kind of consistent indicator is a must. I have set the email sync interval to 5 minutes for peak and off-peak and have actually turned off the peak time feature.

    Test: Send emails from a different email account to my primary account.

    The Note II starts blinking the LED within a couple of minutes. The V20 puts up a small indicator in the Second Screen only about once every five emails. When it does not, I have to unlock the screen and go into the mail app to see the message(s).

    When it does show something, I can bring up the display and see a box with a message summary prior to going to the home screen.

    But, when I send multiple emails AND the indicator works, it only shows a box for one message. Additionally, I have to manually refresh the Inbox in the stock mail app to pull the other messages down.

    I have not installed any other launchers, power savers, or similar apps. I believe that there are no obvious power saving settings that are activated. But, I am new to 7.0 and don't know if there are settings I have missed.
    07-18-2018 11:33 PM

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