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    Yesterday they were there and couple of hours later gone. I pulled the SD card and my readers/computer don't show any files. One of my readers finally opened the drive and said to reformat the SD card but I want to get my pics first! Can anyone help me?can
    07-22-2018 05:53 PM
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    Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do if the card is damaged/corrupted. That's why we strongly suggest you never use the SD card to store anything important or that hasn't been backed up elsewhere (like a cloud service). Here's a couple guides that can help, as well as trying out 3rd party 'recovery' apps, but to be honest, they're seldom successful. Sorry.


    07-22-2018 09:04 PM
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    PhotoRec can recover anything that's still there, "recoverable" or not. (Instructions at PhotoRec - Recover data from an iPhone.)

    You'll need a PC (Windows, Linux or Mac), an adapter to plug the card into the PC - and a lot of patience. (Depending on the size of the card, it could take a few days - it takes you about 5 minutes, then the computer runs for days.)

    Even if the card has to be formatted, that's just the filesystem. Since PhotoRec doesn't even look at the filesystem (well, it looks for it to determine block size, but if it can't find a filesystem, it uses other means of determining block size), that doesn't matter. (PhotoRec is designed to get data off drives ad cards that have been deliberately mangled so that no data could be gotten from them - it's forensic software. Why Christophe isn't charging thousands for it is beyond me.)

    Try it. If it can't recover anything, there's nothing to recover, but that would be surprising on an SD card. (It would even be surprising on a hard drive that someone had repartitioned.)

    The only problem is that you won't get back file names. You'll fet the type - file0001.jpg, file0002.jpg, etc., but not the name. That depends on the filesystem. But once you get the pictures back, you can look at them and rename them.
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    07-23-2018 12:52 PM

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