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    Hi guys,
    I have problems with playing Netflix 5.1 sound out of my AVR via Chromecast.
    My connection is made as follows: Chromecast is plugged into the Sony Bravia TV HDMI slot and TV is connected via optical SPDIF output into the Sony AVR. On the AVR I have Auto signal detect turned on so when it detects 5.1 it will start 5.1 decoding.
    I spotted it was playing 5.1 few times already (that's when I found my front middle speaker cable was not connected properly and it caused some nasty sound so I reconnect it and it was fine.
    Unfortunately now I cannot get any 5.1 out of it at all. An ideas what to do? I contacted neflix and all they say is that not all of the devices supports 5.1, and if 5.1 logo is not displayed on device when selecting the title then it will not play.
    Funny enough is that Chromecast is listed as supported device.
    Also the only device where I've seen 5.1 logo is windows 10 netflix app. Not the website in the browser but actuall app you can download for free.
    So far I tested 2 different Galaxy s8 not rooted with everything up to date, iPhone 6s and PS4. None of listed devices showed 5.1 logo and of course did not play surround sound.
    FYI PS4 is connected via HDMI into the AVR and then from there to the TV. All games are running 5.1 (DTS) picked up by Auto signal detect. Netlix? NO..stereo..oh sorry 2.1 only.
    As far as I'm aware PS4 is also listed as 5.1 supported device.
    So what the hell is wrong with this?
    I redone flooring in my new build house to be able to get cables through the living room behind the sofa for full surround sound and now I cannot use it?
    Any ideas?
    Im asking here as I use netflix mostly on my android device
    Any advise will be helpfull.
    07-25-2018 04:35 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    IIRC the 5.1 logo won't display on a mobile device because the device doesn't support 5.1 itself. When connected to a Chromecast, however, I'm not sure (I'd have to try at home). I know Chromecast does support 5.1 audio (just not sure if it's just the 4K version, but don't see why the other ones wouldn't), I've seen it on Roku, native TV app, and game consoles. If you don't connect the AVR, does the TV show that it's using 5.1 audio? Since your PS4 does show 5.1 audio for games, what happens if you use the Netflix app there? (trying to rule out an issue with your account or Netflix in general).
    07-25-2018 05:37 PM
  3. hallux's Avatar
    I did a little research after my own situation and found that VERY few TVs actually supported this passthrough. My LG purchased in 2008 did it, the one I bought in 2014 does not. When I was looking into it later in 2014 I found only one TV that supported it.
    07-25-2018 06:11 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    @hallux, that's what I thought, too...but then the OP said that their PS4 does pass 5.1 audio just fine. UPDATE: Nevermind, re-read the OP and they connect the PS4 to the AVR, NOT the TV, so you might be right! The TV just doesn't pick up 5.1 and might not support passthrough.

    As for the 'update' on my end, I tested on both a 4K and an older Chromecast, and yes, when the phone is disconnected from either, no content shows as 5.1. As soon as I connect to a Chromecast, the indicators on the show/movie change accordingly and now show whether the content can be played in 4K, HDR, and if it has 5.1 audio available (or if it's just HD). The only thing I couldn't test, however, is if you need the 'Premium' Netflix tier (the one that allows for 4K content) to use 5.1 audio or not.
    07-26-2018 10:24 AM

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