1. khaotix523's Avatar
    I have been having issues with my android HTC Desire. Bought it two years ago and up until about six months ago its been spazzing out on me. Current issues:

    - Some apps are totally unresponsive, I'll uninstall, reinstall, and look for updates they just don't work. Phone is connected to the internet, and other apps work fine. These apps used to work but no longer work. As much as I want to say its the app provider's issue, I don't believe it is, and its something to do with this phone.

    - Incoming calls are dropped on the spot, same goes for outgoing calls. Sometimes when getting calls or making a call my phone will shut off or restart. This isn't a provider issue, as after restarting the problem goes away. But I'd like to know just why this issue is being caused for and how to fix it.

    - The biggest issue right now is when I receive a call and when I go to accept the call, I can hear a person speak, I speak, they hear me, but then the call drops, the phone will freeze and become unresponsive. I cannot exit out of the phone dialer screen, cannot turn the phone off, the entire phone just sits there frozen and hangs for several minutes, usually afterwards I am able to force restart it, but sometimes I cannot get it to restart and will have to let the battery drain out.

    At this point I am looking to get a new phone next month, but for right now I would like to know if there is anything I can do to lessen the problems it has.

    The phone is updated, I continually check for software updates, but never find any. I have automatic updates triggered in Google Play, so nothing is outdated. I have only had this phone for two years and its surprising to me its starting messing up when I know people who have had their phones for several years and no issues.
    07-25-2018 06:25 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar

    There are various possible causes. First, try using the phone in Safe Mode. Tell us what happens. If necessary we can then go on from there.
    07-25-2018 07:31 PM

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