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    I am now proud owner of the Samsung Gear 360 (model 2017), which is finally compatible with iOS.

    As far as the 360-degree camera works great and makes brilliant pictures.

    However, a new firmware is probably available, as the app shows me. However, the gear can be connected to the iPhone only via Wi-Fi and thus a firmware download is only possible via the mobile network, which I do not want. I load the firmware over the domestic WLAN and connect the gear again with the iPhone comes the message that the firmware update can not be copied to the gear. He then immediately starts to load the update via the mobile network.

    On the Samsung Homepages I find only the instructions to connect the Gear with the smartphone and then have the update load (via the official site).

    Is not that possible without mobile data?
    Possibly. via PC or the firmware from Samsung to load and copy to the SD card, etc.? Unfortunately, I found nothing.
    Maybe someone has experience with it?
    07-30-2018 04:24 AM

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