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    Hello. I have a Verizon phone and I am trying to get it to work on T-Mobile.

    It is a Samsung Galaxy S6.

    I took the phone to T-Mobile and asked them to set it up for me. The guy entered in the APN settings and worked on it FOREVER and it would not work. He put the sim card in another phone and it worked fine, so he said it wasn't the sim. He said the phone shouldn't be locked, but it must be so that I needed to contact Verizon to get it unlocked.

    I then went into Verizon. The lady was unbelievably rude. She just said NO. Phones are NOT locked anymore. It isn't a Verizon issue. She wouldn't even look at it. I left.

    I went back to T-Mobile the lady there gave me a link to find the APN settings I needed to change (but they were already changed the first time I went to T-Mobile). But I when I got home, I went to the link on the T-Mobile support site that describes how to input the APN info (I tried to put the link in here put it kept giving me an error when trying to post), I deleted the APN settings the guy had put in, and entered them in again myself. Phone still won't work.

    I found other posts where people said to turn phone off, then back on, wait, and then it will work. It didn't. I tried changing APN roaming protocol to IPv4/IPv6 instead of what the T-Mobile site says (IPv4), but that didn't work. Someone else said you have to delete all the APN's and then only put in T-Mobile, but there is no way to delete Verizon's APN, it is greyed out.

    Any ideas?
    08-06-2018 07:59 PM

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