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    My friend gave me his Galaxy Note Edge with a new battery about a year ago and it was great until a few months ago. It started losing battery charge faster than normal. Also when I tried to take pictures or video, it would shut off and not turn back on until I removed battery and waited a few seconds before putting it back in. I assumed that it was a bad battery (I have had bad batteries in my Galaxies in the past and the battery itself had a slight bulge in it). So lady month, I ordered a new battery (Samsung brand from Amazon). I worked like a charm for a few weeks, then a few days ago, it started turning off when I tried to use the camera and was losing charge faster again. Today, while looking at Google maps, it went from 23% down to dead, turning itself off. Everytime I use it, I go into settings and stop all apps that I am not using, because I thought that would help with power drain. Right now I'm using my s5 until I can figure out how to fix the battery problem in my Note.
    On a side note, I know heat drains batteries. I do have to keep my phone in my car while at work because my boss doesn't allow phones inside. It wouldn't help anyway, because it is hotter in the warehouse than it is outside. I keep it in the trunk because I thought it would be cooler.
    08-06-2018 10:30 PM

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