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    I am trying to clean up my device. When I use the Android clean up Clean Master it shows me how much I have of different types of media on my device and how much space they're taking. Currently I'm using 15.5 GB out of 16 GB. However when I look at my device I'm only using a total of 7 GB for videos, pictures, Audio, Apps and files. What else is taking up so much space? It's a bit ridiculous. I also have a 16GB SD card installed, that is also nearly full. However I can very clearly see what is taking up space on that disc. Is there somewhere else I can delete information? I feel like there's some cache information somewhere but I am too scared to delete all of my cached information in the event that I actually need it for something to function. I have already deleted so many pictures and videos, after uploading them to Google Drive. I don't know what else I can do... Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
    08-06-2018 11:32 PM
  2. methodman89's Avatar
    Download Data Size Explorer and you will see. Good luck.
    08-06-2018 11:40 PM
  3. Haley Chris's Avatar
    First of all get rid of clean master it does more harm then good if your gonna run Any Cleaner Your Best bet Would be Sd maid but yes download a file explorer And it will show you what's taking up your space
    08-06-2018 11:47 PM
  4. Haley Chris's Avatar
    Try Uninstalling other apps You don't use to and ones you can't uninstall Disable them
    08-06-2018 11:48 PM

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