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    I have a Samsung Galaxy s2 with 4.0.3 that I have never really had any big problems with. Yesterday, while going to the gallery to view a pic, I got message that i couldn't open and to delete some files. I got the gallery to open and then everything vanished. Now gallery shows no items, and DCIM folder empty. I marked al
    - I found 2 .nomedia files in /android/data folder, and one in main files folder. I deleted both of those files but didn't help.
    - I tried disk digger to recover but under full scan (root required), it says it could not detect internal memory on my device.

    Are there some other recovery programs I need to try ?
    Are photos actually deleted or is something corrupted that allows viewing ? it seems 11gb worth of pics/videos wouldn't delete that quick.

    thanks for any direction
    08-09-2018 02:03 PM
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    Use My Files to look in /DCIM/Camera to see what files are in there. If there are none, there are none. (My Files will show any files in the folders, Gallery will only show media files in the Media Scan database (which is supposed to have all the pictures and videos in it).
    08-13-2018 06:00 PM

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