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    I have three different phones & four different Bluetooth earpieces from £100+ plantronics to £15 basic Chinese versions. Sony Experia, Umi Super & classic old, but working perfectly, Nokia 5300 express music.
    Over the last few days the smart phones no longer allow Bluetooth phone call function, all work fine for media and google talk, so mic & earphone functions working but when one answers an incoming call one cannot hear or be heard. Switching over to phone earpiece or speaker to continue call. Media & Calling functions both selected in settings. Both functions still available when any are paired with old Nokia.
    Is this some 'update issue' of which I've not heard about yet?
    08-12-2018 07:39 AM
  2. methodman89's Avatar
    To begin with, you should unpiair, and forget all the devices. You can then repair and connect 1 by 1. If issue persists, boot into safe mode and try a phone call.
    08-12-2018 09:11 AM
  3. Slartiebardfast's Avatar
    Have now tried un-pairing 'forget' all earpieces on all devices. One by one re-pairing each earpiece with a phone. Unfortunately exactly the same problem persists.
    Not sure how to restart/reboot an android phone in "safe mode", so not tried that yet. Currently using good old plug in earphones and cable, now remember why I changed every thing over to b'tooth, cable snags on everything grrrr, but at least it works for the mo.
    It sure is a conundrum.
    08-13-2018 05:38 AM
  4. methodman89's Avatar
    Just to be sure, make sure you have the hearing aid assist off.
    Google safe mode for your phone model, it's a quick process, though you may need to reset your wallpaper or other minor tweaks.
    08-13-2018 07:41 AM

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