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    I want to add my SD card as internal storage so I actually have the space to update my phone, but I read this means the card can no longer be used by any other device. I presume this does not limit me from connecting my phone via USB and accessing files that way.
    Something I do want to have verified is if I format my SD card to internal storage and at a later point switch phones, can I back up everything on there, format it again to portable storage, install it in the new phone, format it back to internal storage and copy my backup back to the new phone?
    08-14-2018 07:58 AM
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    Once you set the card up as internal storage it should NEVER be removed from that phone. Not while it's on, anyway. Even when you shut the phone off, if you were to remove the card from that phone it would not be readable.

    This function works like the Fusion Drive on Macs. The internal and external storage shows as one, and there's no knowing what data is stored in which location, or even what parts of a file are stored in which location (possibly). The only guarantee of file location is the OS, that HAS to remain on internal storage.

    Can you revert the card to removable? Sure, but I believe it will have to be done as part of a factory reset to avoid issues with apps that may have had data on the card. Also, you should be sure to have EVERYTHING you need off the device backed up as you don't know what files are where.

    Can you move the card to a new device? Sure could. I don't think you need to go through the revert, move, adopt. I think you just need to move the card to the replacement device and adopt it as internal storage (which may not be an option on newer devices anyway).

    I'm sure I didn't cover everything.

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    08-14-2018 08:47 AM

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