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    I wanted to reboot my samsung galaxy s4, and a friend told me i should do: “ push the power button and the volume down button “. And i indeed got a screen to do somthing with the device when i pushed them so i thought i was doing everything alright. But after it was done rebooting ( which took more then 2 hours ) i couldn’t start the phone anymore. The first time i tried i did got the galaxy screen but that was where it ended. And now i don’t get anything. I did google a solution and the only thing i found was how you actually should reboot it ( powerbutton + home button + volume up button ) but not what happens when you do what i did with the volume down. I also tried to actually reboot it since its not starting anymore but that also doesn’t do anything, and it’s also not that thebattery is empty because i charged it all night. ( i also tried removing the battery and put it back in )
    So can anybody help me, if there is a solution to this?

    Much of thanks and appreciation for the person who can help me !!!
    - Dominique
    08-16-2018 03:10 AM
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    Try battery removal for a few minutes, then what happens when you reinstall and power it on?
    08-16-2018 06:55 AM
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    Rebooting means restarting (and shouldn't take any longer than it takes when you turn the phone on). What you did (and tell your friend for me that he has no idea what he's talking about) is wipe the entire phone - not just Linux and Android, but all your contacts, pictures, music - everything. It's all gone, and there's no way to get it back, unless some of it is backed up to Google.

    Now hold Volume Down, Home and Power at the same time and you should get into the download screen. If you do, read [Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN. That's what you'll have to do to get the phone working again. (And you'll need a PC with Samsung's driver installed.)

    That will get the phone working again. Then you can go through the initial setup and see how many of your contacts come back. (Contacts entered as Google contacts are backed up - contacts entered as Phone, Device or SIM contacts aren't, and they're lost. You can see what's backed up by going to Google Contacts.) Your emails will come back - they're saved on the server. That's about it.
    08-16-2018 05:22 PM
  4. methodman89's Avatar
    The op would have had to scroll down to select the wipe and confirmed it. Did you do that Dominique?
    08-16-2018 05:52 PM

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